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Welcome to YOUR antique bottle, advertising and general antique auction web sales venue.  Have fun pursuing your holy grail here (or just a condition upgrade) and have fun with the money you save at the mrbottles antique bottle and antique auction site. NO AUCTION LISTING FEES, NO JUNK OR SPAM LISTINGS, NO COMPARISON to the ‘gianT' online auction houses. Thanks for participating.  Please click this text to spread the word, Steven Aka mrbottles

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I feel like a ‘gianT' has been kicking me for years when I try to sell antique bottles and other antiques via online venues.  Every kick gets more violent, adding frustration to buying and selling antique bottles via antique auction.  This antique bottle auction and general antique auction site is a high tech throw back to the days of hand shake deals, personal care and the human element in the sale of antiques.  The love for all things old, (even the most cantankerous curmudgeon antique bottle collector gets love from this antique collector) coupled with the desire to have a gianT' free option, coupled with a lot of good luck led to the creation of this antique bottle auction and general antique auction/sales website. 

gianTs' must not be human; the human element is what is missing at the other online auction venues.  Human beings will always administrate this antique bottle auction site.  Human beings will always respond to your needs and human beings are committed to making this antique bottle and general antique auction website better ongoing forever.  Better means less expensive, not more expensive.  Better means a community building tool, not a place where you log into your isolation cell to filter through garbage listed as antique collectables, then bid against people you can't be sure are legit who end up defrauding you, brazenly defying common courtesy and human decency because there are no real consequences for cheating collectors. 


Aka mrbottles